I have chosen the name “Hard-Working Generation” to refer to those who were born in the 1930s and 1940s, decades marked by our Civil War and World War II. These people built with their work and effort the SPAIN that we now enjoy. Their ethics of improvement and hard-work, their ability to always look forward, and their wish to give all the opportunities to their children – the baby boomers and Generation X – have made possible the Welfare State in which we live.

They had the high-mindedness to make the Transition possible and propitiate the incorporation of Spain to the EEC. Amancio Ortega is from that generation, and in our tourism sector, it is impossible to remember all the names. Just to mention a few, we can recall Gabriel Escarrer, Miguel Fluxá, Abel Matutes, Juan José Hidalgo, Wolfang Kiessling, Josep Espelt, Jose Luis Carrillo, Juan Llull, Miquel Ramis or José María Rosell. But we must pay tribute to absolutely all those who anonymously, with their commitment, have built our tourism sector and made it one of the most important in the world.Just a couple of months ago we were celebrating 40 years of FITUR, another achievement of the “Hard-Working Generation”. Now IFEMA is an impressive hospital thx to the excellent response from the Community and the City Council of Madrid. This reminds us how wrong is our arrogance of thinking that nothing can affect us. And precisely the “Hard-Working Generation” has now become a Population at Risk due to the coronavirus. That is why they deserve, more than ever, our Tribute.