2 04, 2020

Homenaje a la “Generación del Esfuerzo”

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Me he permitido bautizar como la "Generación del Esfuerzo" a aquellos que nacieron en la década de los 30 y 40, decenios marcados por nuestra Guerra Civil y la II Guerra Mundial. Son los que construyeron con su trabajo y su esfuerzo la ESPAÑA que ahora disfrutamos. Su ética de superación y de trabajo, su capacidad para [...]

24 03, 2020

Natalia Bayona at the Top Seeds Lab / Travel Tech 1 SCR Advisory Meeting

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In the Round Table: Is innovation possible in the tourism industry without first resolving gender discrimination?, women who are travel top leaders analyze this topic from their personal experiences. The Advisory Board meeting took place in Madrid, at Facebook headquarters.

24 02, 2020

Antonio Bustamante at the Top Seeds Lab / Travel Tech 1 SCR Advisory Meeting

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Antonio Bustamante, Cofounder, Chekin, provides a brief presentation of the value proposition provided by their company in the Vacation Rental space

6 12, 2019

Sergio Orozco, cofounder of Triporate, explain how they are disrupting business travel

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Triporate is creating a technology that will allow the company to be the most efficient business travel agency in the world. Their current tool can manage trips 10x faster and more efficiently than traditional travel agencies. Their operations team can handle trips remotely. In parallel, their Artificial Intelligence continued learning how to manage more and more [...]

6 12, 2019

Dennis Vilovic, cofounder of Trooptravel, explains how the startup is disrupting the meetings space

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Sometimes it is the travel policy increasing the cost, sometimes hotels and sometimes flights. So when do you start optimizing your meetings and events planning according to cost, time, carbon footprint or other factors? Troop Travel has built a unique platform which aggregates thousands of data points around cost, time, carbon footprint and more to help the [...]

24 09, 2019

Travel Innovation Summit, Sep 2019

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6 07, 2019

PROS acquires Travelaer to build out end-to-end retailing experience for airlines

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Through the acquisition, PROS will expand its services for airlines across all retail channels by adding Travelaer’s internet booking engine and NDC platform to the PROS portfolio. France-based Travelaer launched in 2013 with a focus to on “improving the customer experience across all phases of travel, read more

6 07, 2019

OYO acquires Danamica to drive dynamic pricing in rentals

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In yet another move to show its commitment to the vacation rentals business, OYO acquired data science business Danamica for an estimated $10 million. The Denmark-based company specializes in dynamic pricing of rental properties. As mentioned in Travel Tech Essentialist #8, Oyo wants to build the largest vacation rental business in Europe, and is planning [...]

6 01, 2019

Data Mapping: Critical endeavor or wasted effort?

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The web was designed to be a document-sharing system. As a result, much of the data it contains is text-based, and has limited provisions for machine-readable, structured data that can be easily organized for humans at scale. The notable exception is extensible markup language (XML), which is primarily used by developers for business purposes. The [...]

6 01, 2019

OTA Insight brings in $20M round for hospitality tech

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Hospitality data intelligence provider OTA Insight has secured a major funding round - $20 million - in a bid to grow the company faster on a global basis. The round was led by Eight Roads Ventures and saw participation from F-Prime Capital Partners and some of its previous, unnamed backers. The U.K.-based company was created [...]