As confinement ends and citizens embrace the new normal, would families feel safe to rent a cosy apartment, a rural house or a small independent hotel? Would a business traveller feel secure to rent a cool studio or book on a boutique hotel to attend a Congress?

In Europe, more than 70 per cent of hotels are independent. On the other hand, legal alternative accommodations (rural houses, villas, condos, apartments, etc..), a growing category, in most of the cases are operated directly by the owners or by mid-size Property Managers. Both, small independents hotels and alternative accommodations, struggle to keep pace with the large travel players as technology evolves. This problem is even worse in rural environments.

Now they have to face the additional challenge to offer the same health and safety standards that we citizens have at our homes and the large travel players will be offering, as professional cleaning or the avoidance of any physical interaction which could be digitalized (check-in/out, access to the rooms or apartments, customer service and customer satisfaction, individual transfers)

SmartDigitalPlug platform offers to them an affordable, easy and fast to implement answer to that challenge. 6 traveltech startups, Chekin, Doinn, myHotel, STAYmyway, Servantrip and, have joined forces to make it possible.

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