We have been hearing many voices, from politicians to consultants, talking about the “New Normal” in Travel. Lately, also some relevant businessmen have joined the choir, like Bill Gates or Brian Chesky. Clearly, we should not waste too much time analyzing the predictions of the politicians -especially if they are related to the dystopic world projected in Davos’Great Reset- but it seems relevant to determine if, once the vaccination process is completed and the frontiers are reopened, will be leaving a “New Normal” situation or we will be resuming Q1 2020, with more technology applied to improve the traveler experience.
One point of discussion is business travel. There is a growing trend trying to convince us that business travel will be reduced by half substituted by the use of platforms like Zoom, Teams or Meet. And that events will be mainly virtual or mostly hybrid. What is clear is that those who defend that future have economic interests in forging this “New Normal”. But those are betting against how we are and we socialize with others, being travel and the personal contact a key element of what defines us.