Tripian is an A.I. powered trip planning ecosystem that provides highly personalized travel content and services, based on user profile and behavior. Integrated with existing online platforms, Tripian fills the gaps to deliver a superior travel experience while establishing additional revenue channels. Jeff Kischuk, cofounder & CEO, explains in this interview makes a brief presentation of who he is, his background, of how he has reached his current responsibilities. Jeff has shared the implication of the startup with Plug and Play and why Tripian chose to participate in the program, what is his experience, how it has helped the company, the main learnings, the opportunities, etc… The conversation covers when the startup was founded and where, founders, problems solved, key technologies, milestones in the life of the startup, main challenges, competitive landscape, current and future geographical footprint, future plans.

This interview is part of the collection «Startup Founders» of TravelThink