The 8th of April I wrote: “Some of us are so optimistic that we consider COVID19 as an opportunity to accelerate the changes that society has been requiring for a long time and to address the real challenges that the world has, using the technology as the mean for the evolution. But we are worried with the Politicians and the economic and social status quo, that once again could be as negligent and irresponsible to prevent the changes to happen. Thus, in my posts, when I will share my opinion regarding “Post COVID19 trends”, some of them will be more feasible than others. Let’s hope that all react to this crisis understanding the greek origin of the term: κρίση

Unfortunately, on May 31st, my fears are beginning to be confirmed. A short term and narrow-minded approach is leading the actions of some Politicians and also influencing part of the travel companies. It is the right time to advance decisively in the digitalization of the travel services; addressing overtourism and gentrification; and defining the future of travel for the next 25 years. Setting stickers on the floor in the reception of the hotels to keep the social distance instead of automating the registration of the clients and the access to the rooms with their mobile phone, it is not a good sign.

It seems that we could loose also this opportunity while a myriad of peculiar “New Normal Gurus” are arising from everywhere with the typical mumbo-jumbo. After 28 years in the travel industry, I guess I should be less optimistic and more conformist, but I prefer not to change.