For the hospitality industry, historical norms and patterns pre-Covid-19 are no longer valid as predictors in the new world. New patterns are also emerging in the recovery that are unrecognizable, and the data we are seeing today isn’t telling us much about tomorrow either. Serving more than 42,000 properties around the world, Sabre Hospitality Solutions helps hoteliers rethink their business and focus on next-generation technologies to implement a holistic buying experience that delivers distinct and dependable guest experiences.
We understand the complexities of the market today and the challenges that hotel brands face, as well as the upended rules of hotel distribution. We know that hoteliers are working constantly to allocate limited resources in support of core business strategies, such as channel optimization. Considering changes in traveler behavior, hoteliers need to increase demand for hotels’ services again. They also face a difficult choice between securing short-term revenue and cash flow versus longer-term profitability and branding.