It is clear that paper money and coins are a main source of transmission of COVID19. On the other hand, nobody can deny the tremendous negative impact that printing and distributing physical money has in our environment.

With the current technologies and the level of mobile adoption in the EU there is no justification not to eliminate the physical currency and convert all the transactions in online payments using Digital Money. The additional beneficial consequences would be a terrible stroke to the delinquency and the black economy. Since then, all the payment transactions would be traceable and monitored by the Tax Authorities as they will be under the control of the Central Banks and the BCE. Only those who have something to hide shouts for anonymity. It is like the Dark Web, there is no real justification not to just use the Clear and the Deep Web.

We, normal people, will not have any problem to deposit in a bank account the few paper notes we have at home and pay everything electronically -including tips- using the hundreds of tech options we have at our reach, including credit/debit/wallet cards.

The Euro Space should lead and eliminate the physical euro and embrace the Digital Euro, helping to develop an electronic payment infrastructure for companies and people. And the Travel industry must lead by example, making easier in all the stages of the travel journey the avoidance of Cash. Obviously this has nothing to do with the different private cryptocurrencies, which has shown an unacceptable opacity and that their real nature is to serve as a speculative investment.

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