More space, remote locations, full kitchens, clean surfaces, contactless check-in – today’s travellers have unique needs when it comes to lodging. Do short-term rentals have an advantage? How can hotels position their benefits and compete? As the lines between the two blur, how do you capture the customer who wants the best of both. This is just a part of the Roundtable which took place at Phocuswright Conference 2021, moderated by Lorraine Sileo, Senior Analyst and Founder, Phocuswright Research; with Vered Raviv Schwarz, President & COO, Guesty; Chris Silcock, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Hilton Worldwide; Sam Shank, CEO, HotelTonight & Head of Guest Experiences, Airbnb; and Noah Brodsky, President, Travel + Leisure Group and Chief Brand Officer, Travel + Leisure Co.
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