Along with practically every aspect of our lives, the course of travel has been redefined repeatedly over the past year and a half, with seismic shifts propelling us towards a continuously evolving version of the ‘new normal.’ A deepening and increasingly complex relationship with technology, a heightened awareness of the human impact on the planet and a renewed inspiration to take a stand on the important social justice movements of our time has made the world feel smaller and at the same time, infinitely vast. And while COVID-19 is not yet in the rearview mirror, an indefatigable sense of hope is beginning to take its place.

To explore this rolling wave of optimism, has commissioned extensive research with more than 24,000 travelers across 31 countries and territories1, combining it with its proprietary data and insights as a digital travel leader for the past 25 years, to predict how travel will continue to be redefined in the year ahead.

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