1.- Academic acumen

From 1986 to 1994

  • Juris Doctor, School of Law of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Speciality, Commercial Arbitration. ( 5+2 years –not counting the thesis)
  • Ph.D in Economics, School of Economics of the UNED, speciality auditing. (5+2 years –not counting the thesis)
  • Master in Auditing, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in Madrid (1 year, 840 hours)
  • Degree in High Accountancy, School of Economics of the UNED (0,6 years,530 hours)
  • Master in Business Administration, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1 year, 630 hours)

From 1994 to 1996

  • Registered Legal Auditor by Official Exam (ROAC n, 16.629)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) by Exam (Instituto de Auditores Internos)


  • Stanford Executive Program Certificate (SEP2010), from the Graduate School of Business of Stanford University.

2.- Professional Career

Legal Services (from 1991 to now)

Javier has collaborated with Law firms, specially GONZALEZ-SORIA ABOGADOS, and undertook legal responsibilities in some of the companies in which he has worked for or has founded, as Mundicolor, RODonline, Genteviajera, Eurona, ConnectedtoGo, Top Seeds Lab, etc..

Mundicolor Iberia (from 1992 to 2005)

Javier joined the company in 1992. Mundicolor Iberia. His beginnings were focused on the financial and management control, as Director of Development & Control (f.i, he launched the first ecommerce site in 1996). Three years later he added to his duties Business Development and in 1998 he also assumed the Sales & Marketing responsibilities. In 2002 he was appointed as General Manager. In September 2005, when Grupo Marsans bought Mundicolor, he decided to leave the company, what he did in January 2006, when the company had 475 employees and a 240M euros turnover and it was profitable. In 2010 the company went bankrupted as well as the whole Grupo Marsans.

Until 2005 Mundicolor was the leading scheduled flights Tour Operator in Spain with subsidiary companies in UK, Germany, France, Holland, USA and Switzerland, 17 offices in Spain and permanent agreements in another 50 countries. While ACCOR was a main sharelholder of Mundicolor, Javier was member of the ACCOR´s Global Leisure Committee.

Iberiacolor (from 1993 to 2005)

While at Mundicolor and as part of his responsibilities, in 1994 Javier created and managed Ibericolor S.A., a consulting firm specialized in travel technology and marketing, as part of his duties in Mundicolor. The shareholders were Iberia Airlines, Carlson Wagon Lit Travel, Viajes Ecuador, Grupo Marsans and Mundicolor.

Genteviajera.es (from 2001 to 2009)

In 2001 Javier created and managed, Genteviajera en la Red S.L., a joint venture between Mundicolor and ONDA CERO RADIO to create a travel channel, whose primary revenue line was advertising. When leaving Mundicolor, Javier negotiated that the role of Mundicolor was occupied by Rumbo (now part of Bravofly Group)

Auditing & Forensic Services (from 1996 to now)

Javier has specialized in providing forensic services to large companies as General Electric, Cepsa, Correos, Ahold, etc…, collaborating on a regular basis with relevant law firms, mainly Garrigues. His quite unique combination of lawyer, economist, auditor and top executive is especially useful in litigations related to companies evaluation and emerging damages and lost profit appraisals.

RODonline.org (from 2001 to 2005)

In 2001 Javier created Revisión Objetiva de a Difusión S.L., a company devoted to provide on line independent impressions and clicks reports, signed by legal auditors, to complement the advertising offering of Genteviajera.es. It was a joint venture between Mundicolor and España on Line and Javier was the General Manager.

Consortium Eureka Eurotourism (from 2001 to 2004)

In 2001 Javier created the Consortium Eureka Eurotourism, in close cooperation with the CDTI (Ministry of Industry and Technology of Spain), and was his General Manager during all the project. Eurotourism was an umbrella project (E! 2527) approved in 2001, and that ended in 2004, representing by then a first and unique initiative on a world scale. The objective of the strategic Eureka Eurotourism project was the application of new technologies for the improvement and sustainability of the tourism, leisure and cultural industry as well as increasing the European citizen’s standard of life. More than 150m euros were assigned to different travel/technology projects. Javier channeled his participation through Mundicolor and Iberiacolor.

Google (from 2006 to 2012)

In April 2006, Javier joined Google in Spain as Industry leader, Travel (level 7) as part of the management team hired to help to convert a sales office in a subsidiary company, creating from scratch that Unit. 6 years later Spain was one of the 10 key global markets for Google and the Travel Vertical represented about 45% of the revenues in Spain and was the largest Unit in SEEMEA for Google, with 180M euros of revenue. In his last year at Google, Javier, as Director of the Travel Vertical, developed pan-regional projects (SEMEA), replicating his success in Spain in emerging countries. He was a member since its inception of the Global Travel Advisory Committee (created after the acquisition of ITA).

In his six years at Google Javier consolidated as an international expert in online travel and emarketing/ecommerce. James Hare, cofounder of Edreams OdigeO (the largest OTA in EMEA), says: “Having worked with Javier for years in his role as Director of Google Travel Spain, he has (in my mind, and that of my colleagues) an incredible finger on the pulse of what is happening across the sector of European online travel (and beyond), and phenomenal insights (sometimes too phenomenal for our comfort) into the nitty gritty of our businesses and where our companies are moving.”

While in Google, Javier created the Travel ThinkTank, Lookinside.travel, which sponsored the largest survey in the world focused on the habits of travellers when getting information and buying trips, together with the Ministry of Tourism of Spain and Exceltur.

ConnectedtoGo (from April 2012 to March 2015)

At the end of March 2012 Javier left Google to found his start-up ConnectedtoGo S.L. and acted as his CEO. ConnectedtoGo is devoted to provide connectivity to travellers through MiFi Routers and local data fares and a unique business model based on a large network of travel partners as TUI, Iberia Airlines, Iberostar, Barceló, Recordgo, Europcar, Goldcar, Logitravel, Muchoviaje, Destinia, etc. Its two products are WiFi Everywhere, based on MiFi Routers, and Travel Companion Tablets. ConnectedtoGo has been capable to lead profitably this new category and in January 31st 2014 Eurona Telecom, a listed company, bought the company and integrate it within the Group. Javier stepped out from the daily management in March 2015 and will serve as advisor to the Board of Directors until 2016.

Hofmann (from October 2012 to January 2015)

In October 2012 Javier joined the Board of Hofmann, one of the European leaders in digital photography, representing Venture Capital firms Portobello and Realza, to help the company to face the challenge of Digital Transformation. In its almost 90 years of history, Hofmann has become one of the leading manufacturers of albums and frames in the world and in 2005 became one of Europe’s pioneers and leaders in the sale and manufacturing of digital albums. It was brilliantly sold to Photobox in January 2015.

Grupo Eurona Telecom (from february 2014 to march 2015)

In February 2014, after selling ConnectedtoGo, Javier joined Grupo Eurona Telecom, a listed company and the largest independent telco in Spain, based in Barcelona and with presence in 10 countries, to serve as the CCO of the Group as well as CEO of ConnectedtoGo. Grupo Eurona Telecom, through its different companies, covers many connectivity options as satellite internet, wimax –both indoor and outdoor-, LTE Advance, wifi, mifi and mobile. And it is closely related to the travel industry not only because of ConnectedtoGo but also via KubiWireless, which manages the wifi networks of all the Spanish airports and more than 55.000 hotel rooms.

As CCO of the Group, Javier was in charge of reorganizing all the commercial structure, launching “4G en Casa” and its franchise model, and beginning the digital transformation of the Group.

In October 2014, Javier created Eurona Digital, defining and implementing from scratch a unique marketing platform focused on the millions of connected travellers using Kubi´s WiFi services at Spanish airports, bringing on board as advertisers the largest travel companies with customized value proposals within a consultative selling approach. Javier stepped up from his position of COO to become CEO of Eurona Digital. Javier designed the framework for the technological development, based on the technlogu which controls the wifi sessions, of the three main advertising options created: Connectivity sponsorship; targeted advertising; customized targeted advertising.

Club Genteviajera (from 2015 to now)

In march 2015 Javier left Grupo Eurona to launch a new initiative, Club Genteviajera, as cofounder and Managing Director. Club Genteviajera, owned by Genteviajera en la Red S.L, which now belongs to Javier and Esther Eiros, pretends to become the preferred digital space for real travellers willing to access, on a subscription model free of advertising, multimedia original and independent content about destinations, written in spanish by reputed travel writers, travel leaders and experienced international travellers from different industries. Club Genteviajera, only accessible through www.genteviajera.es, is also the digital side of the radio program Genteviajera, directed by Esther Eiros, the most successful travel program with a 1,2 m audience each week, broadcast by Onda Cero, the second largest radio in Spain, part of Antena 3 and owned by Grupo Planeta. Thus, Club Genteviajera is also the travel channel of Onda Cero.

Javier closed a multiyear deal with Onda Cero and Gowaii Corp (one of the largest travel groups in Spain) so the first is committed to drive massive traffic to the site to get subscribers and the second is obliged to develop and maintain all the technical and operational infrastructure, designed by Javier. Thus, the three companies share the potential net revenue of Club Genteviajera.

On the other hand, Javier has signed deals with Hofmann (Photobox), Kubi, ConnectedtoGo, etc.. to get special perks for the members of the Club as well to offer the possibility to become a member to their clients, on a revenue base model.

Independent Consultancy Services (from april 2012 to now)

Once Javier left Google and was free to do it, he began to provide consultancy services related to ecommerce, emarketing, social media, mobile, online travel, to large travel companies as well to Venture Capitals and Hedge Funds, directly and through companies like Cognolink, Coleman or Alphasight.

Managing Director and Executive Vicepresident of the Advisory Board, Top Seeds Lab (from October 2015 to now)

Senior Partner, Head of Travel & Transportation for Spain and Portugal, AVASANT (from October 2015 to now)

CEO, Travel Tech 1 Sociedad de Capital Riesgo, venture capital with 14M of funding devoted exclusevely to invest in travel tech start ups.


3.- Non profit activities


Javier launched in 2006 his non-profit project, Travelthink (Travelthink Channel & eNews), in which analyzes subjects related with tourism and marketing, specially related to emarketing, social media, ecommerce mobile and on line travel. The YouTube channel has more than 130.000 reproductions and the biweekly Travelthink eNews are received by more than 30.000 subscribers. It has also a presence in Facebook, and its own site, travelthink.org, which is the “hub” of the Travelthink information.

He was a collaborator, with two sections, as specialized journalist, of the radio program GenteViajera since 1998 to 2003. Javier is invited as international travel media expert to all the Phocuswright, Eyefortravel, WTM, ITB, Fitur, etc.. events, in Europe and America. Even Travelthink is a media partner of Eyefortravel in the European Travel Distribution Summit.

Javier also has a long international experience as speaker as he has been panelist in +250 national and international events (tourism, emarketing, arbitration, auditing).

Javier publishes on a regular basis books, essays and studies related to Travel and eMarketing, which are widely distributed in the industry. Special remark deserve his ebook “Regarding Travel and eMarketing”, and the following models he has created: “Virtuous Circle of Destination Sustainability”, “Tetrix Model” and “Contribution Unit Model”.


Javier created and directed the MBA in Tourism of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca and the High Course in Travel Companies Management with UCA. Later he co-created and co-directed the MBA in Tourism of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (High School of Telecommunications Engineers), first on site and later also on line. He developed and directed the Preparatory Course to access the ROAC (2 editions) and he is assessing the Executive Education Marketing team at Stanford GSB in eMarketing; and he is mentoring 1st year Stanford MBA students.

He was Associated Professor of Accountancy in the Department of Financial Economy and Accountancy II of the School of Economics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid from 2002 to 2008.