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3107, 2022

How many co-founders do you want to have?

One of the most frequent questions is what is the optimal number of startup co-founders? This is a tough question [...]

3107, 2022

Travel booking app Hopper upgrades its valuation to $5B on secondary sale

Hopper, the mobile travel booking startup and app that lets users book flights, hotels, cars, and — most recently — short-term home [...]

3107, 2022

How Inflation, Monetary Tightening, and Volatility Are Impacting PE and VC

The presence of inflation that is uncomfortably higher than the Fed’s stated policy goal of roughly 2.0% fundamentally alters how [...]

3107, 2022

Informe de seguimiento de los fondos Next Generation en España

La publicación de este segundo informe de seguimiento de la ejecución de los fondos europeos Next Generation en España refuerza [...]

3107, 2022

Análisis de la conversación digital sobre las preferencias de los españoles a la hora de viajar

Se trata de un estudio único, realizado por LLYC y Hosteltur, teniendo acceso a la mayor cantidad de datos posible [...]

3107, 2022

Mobee Travel helps people with disabilities travel around the world

Initiatives like Mobee which intends to help people with disabilities to travel as much as possible are more than welcome. Also glad [...]

3107, 2022

FutureTravel Pitch Competition

FutureTravel is looking for early-stage startups, from anywhere in the world, which are ready to shape the future of travel. [...]

3107, 2022

¿ Deben estar dedicados a una persona los aeropuertos?

A raiz de la esperpéntica Ley de Memoria Histórico ha surgido un enfrentamiento entre la Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia y [...]

2204, 2022

Five Trends That Will Define Group Travel in 2022

One of the lasting impacts of the pandemic has been the change it has induced to previously predictable patterns of [...]

2204, 2022

Phocuswright’s latest travel research Europe Travel Market Report 2021-2025

We are beginning to see the end of restrictions in Europe, signaling the start to a new phase of recovery. [...]

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